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Best Uses of A Clear Case For Your Phone? Experts Advice

Best Uses Of A Clear Case For Your Phone:

Your iPhone or Galaxy must have a phone case. The time when a new mobile could be purchased for $30 or $40 is long gone. Smartphones can cost as much as tablets or laptops, and you are responsible for replacing a broken phone if you don’t have damage insurance.

You frequently have few options because you are bound by a two-year service plan contract and cannot just terminate it. This implies that you might need to spend up to $600 on a new smartphone.

The best course of action is to spend less than $30 on a phone case. The only restriction on creativity is the size thanks to the market’s abundance of available smartphone cases and the design of an iPhone 7 Plus or a Galaxy S7 Edge. A clear phone case, however, is one of the better options currently available. These cases can be customized and are also reasonably priced. Giving your smartphone damage protection is a modest amount to pay.

Exactly What Does A Clear Phone Case Mean?

The following materials, among others, can be used to make smartphone cases: plastic, leather, silicon, stick-on vinyl protectors, plate-glass, and rubber. But one of the greatest options is a clear smartphone cover, which not only protects the smartphone’s front, back, and sides but is also lightweight.

The clear hard plastic is used to make clear phone cases. We make use of the strongest plastics the phone industry has to offer. Your designs are printed onto the phone in addition to having a clear protective covering put over them to shield them from scratches. This makes Clearly Cased more durable and distinguishes us from our rivals.

You can either make your own design or pick one from our selection. The phone cover has clear bumpers on all four sides and a protective back that leaves the front free for use. The area of the case with a picture or pattern printed on it will be the back.

Since the materials clear phone cases are made of can be quite slick and too easy to slip through the hands, many people opt to use one to protect their phone. the phone’s screen cracking is the most frequent type of damage. Although smartphone cases are made of durable Corning glass and plastic composite, they can still break if they are struck at the incorrect angle.

Although expensive, phone screens may be replaced. The only defense is to keep your smartphone from becoming damaged in the first place, which can be done with a protective case.

There are further justifications for buying a phone case. They might think the design is hip or want to be able to brag about having a branded design. Perhaps they want to conceal the fact that they have a pricey phone, especially if they are concerned about someone stealing it from them at school or a coffee shop.

Our transparent phone cases are equally special. Contrary to the majority of current phone case makers, we print on the back of our cases.

What’s The Point Of A Clear Phone Case?

Did you know that one in four people who own smartphones don’t have a case protecting it? That indicates that many individuals will either purchase new phones or visit phone repair shops before the year is up. This is due to the likelihood that their phone will eventually crack or smash if they drop it, something the majority of us do at least once every week.

Many consumers mistakenly think that purchasing a smartphone case will make it significantly heavier or larger. Some people dislike the thought of a plain, unsightly case and limit their search to the mall kiosks, which at best provide generic options.

Some folks don’t want to hide their phones because they appreciate how stylish they are. They can also think that protective cases for smartphones are too expensive or that they are diligent enough to never drop their devices.

Owning a clear phone case might have advantages whether you already have a case on your phone or not. This kind of case is transparent, so you can see right through it. The Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 7 Plus both have sleek and sophisticated designs, in the opinion of many people.

Instead of covering their amazing phones with a solid color, many people want to flaunt them. Showing off your phone at school or work can be a status symbol. A transparent phone case can still be used to do this.

Instead of something covering the full back of your clear phone case, it might also be entertaining to have a simple design. A clear phone case will only slightly increase the weight or bulk of your phone.

Considering That You Might Not Drop Your Phone, What If A Friend Is Using It or Your Pet Dog Knocks It On The Ground?

A protective smartphone case is also necessary to keep the device dry and free of crumbs or food stains. People frequently consume food or beverages while using their smartphones. Your smartphone is far too susceptible to food and moisture intrusion. At least some of these foreign particles can be prevented from entering by a protective cover.

With a clear phone case, you have a lot of choices.

Basically, there are three choices available to you when buying a clear phone case:

1. Use a clear case so you can see the Apple or Galaxy logo.

2. Select a picture that spans the back and sides.

3. Select a single, modest graphic for the phone’s back so that the majority of the device may be viewed.

Two Options For Protective Bumpers:

On the Clearly Cased website, you have a choice between two alternative protective side bumper solutions. There are two types of bumpers: robust and thin. A bit thicker than the slim bumper, the robust bumper can withstand drops and bumps far better than the latter.

The design of our phone cases also includes another element. A “lip” is a feature of this pattern. It’s in each of our phone cases. The part of the cover that protrudes from the front and protects the phone’s screen is called the lip. This lip will prevent it from fracturing or cracking if you drop it.

The durable bumper has a two-piece construction with a robust inner rubber core for added shock absorption. One component makes up the thin design, which offers defense against light drops and scratches.

Place your smartphone down on a table to test the case’s level of protection. Is your screen in contact with the ground? If not, it isn’t the best fit for you. With a recommended 1 mm along the screen’s edges, the lip should protrude past the screen. Additionally, this needs to wrap almost 360 degrees around the phone.

In addition, we take a step further and add a 1 mm lip to the bottom of the phone case. This serves to safeguard your camera, especially in recent iPhone models where the camera protrudes from the phone.

Another advantage of having a lip on the back of your phone is that it will be shielded from scratches.

Can I Use A See Through iPhone 7 Plus Case?

The transparent iPhone case is lightweight, weighing only 1.8 ounces, and is 138 mm by 67 mm by 11 mm in size. Our iPhone 7 Plus case is not a universal case; it has been specifically created for iPhones. You can order from our website with the confidence that it will precisely fit your iPhone 7.

  • Would You Like To Buy My Galaxy S7 Edge A Clear Phone Case?

The majority of transparent phone cases weigh only a little over two ounces. The 146 mm by 73 mm by 5 mm transparent Galaxy S7 Edge phone case has these dimensions. Never, generic models of smartphones, only the Galaxy S7 Edge is supported by our phone cases.

  • Select A Clear Custom Phone Case.

You can choose to create your own unique iPhone cover if none of the pre-made phone cases on the Clearly Cased website catch your eye. You can customize even clear phone cases, yes. You’ll use our special case customization tool, which will walk you through the procedures, to accomplish this. Your personalized phone case will get to you soon.

All of our phone cases are absolutely unique. You essentially start from scratch, though you can choose to alter any particular design. This indicates that you have a lot of design and typeface options. One to six photos are the optimal number to include. You can also add graphics, objects, and other embellishments.

Your transparent iPhone case can be as straightforward and intricate as you choose. And if you run into trouble, feel free to contact us via chat or email.

  • To Begin, Simply Seek The Help Menu Button In The Page’s Top Middle.

The notion of creating your own iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone case may have won you over, but where do you begin? Numerous thoughts could come to you at once.

What better way to display your pet’s photo than with your own pet photo case? People love to show off their pet images. When you have a picture of your dog or cat on the back of your phone, you don’t even need to look through the photo albums on your phone.


Don’t wait to purchase a clear case for your Galaxy, Pixel, or iPhone if you don’t want to lose it in the event of a drop. Examine your most recent case. It’s time to get a new transparent phone cover from Clearly Cased for your Pixel, iPhone, or Galaxy if the old one is cracked, chipped, peeling, or otherwise worn.

You may show off your originality with your own distinctive clear smartphone cover in addition to having a strong clear bumper case that will safeguard your phone at all times.

Hopefully, you enjoy the Best Uses Of Clear Phone Case.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: Are Clear Phone Cases Better?

Ans: Clear cases provide a similar level of protection to more traditional options, and many models offer full MagSafe compatibility. Clear cases also provide easy access to your iPhone’s buttons, ports, and camera, allowing you to use all of the device’s functions.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Clear Phone Case?

Ans: Clear TPU cases are known for their lightweight construction, which adds minimal bulk to your phone. They are designed to provide protection without compromising the slim profile and ergonomic feel of your device.

Q: Do Clear Cases Scratch?

Ans: However, the insides of these cases do not have this anti-scratch layer, so there is still a chance that scratching could occur if dust or grit gets inside the case. For this reason, please take care when cleaning your case or your phone, as even the tiniest dirt particles could cause scratching damage

Q: Are Phones Better Without A Case?

Ans: Key Takeaways. Using your smartphone without a case reduces bulk and weight, produces less plastic waste, and removes the possibility of your case interfering with your phone’s wireless charging. You can always use a skin or decal to customize your phone’s appearance and use a screen protector.

Q: Which Type Of Phone Case Is Best?

Ans: For a phone case that will look amazing and protect against light bumps, scratches, and scuffs, your best options are either silicone or leather cases, but, for protection against harder impacts, you may want to consider a hard polycarbonate case.

Q: Why Do Clear Cases Get So Dirty?

Ans: Sadly, these polymers fade as they age and get yellow. The natural process of yellowing is accelerated by excessive exposure to light, chemicals, and heat. Yellowing is more than just a stain; it is a result of material degradation. Unfortunately, you cannot remove yellowing from a phone case.

Q: Do Clear Phone Cases Always Yellow?

Ans: Most clear phone cases are silicone, a polymer that can is affordable to produce and provides excellent flexibility. Unfortunately, the downside of silicone is that it naturally turns yellow with age. Excessive exposure to certain chemicals, light, and heat can speed up discoloration.

Q: How Long Do Clear Cases Last?

Ans: Other factors may include the oil and sweat from your hands. This is why you’ll notice your crystal-clear smartphone case adopting a yellow hue within one to three months. Of course, the duration depends on the case’s quality and the extent to which it’s exposed to the elements.

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