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How To Connect A Smart TV To Internet

What Is A Smart TV?

With Technologies going smarter and world-changing fastly, people get pretty bore with conventional TVs. These days, smart TVs have replaced the old dumb ones. Smart TVs are multi-tasking gadgets that offer web connection and backing for a scope of applications. Web connectivity is the one thing that makes a TV smart, but the story doesn’t end there.

The degree of smartness varies from device to device. These days there are multi built-in functions in a Smart TV, like switching or enabling the apps and channels by mere voice search, live streaming, ultra games, etc. A few smart TVs even incorporate a committed dashboard for controlling the entirety of the gadgets in your associated home-like switching the lights on ad off, entryway locks, and different sensors.

Recently we published a post on how to reset your Apple watch you should also check that guide. Here in this article, we will share how to connect your Smart TV to the internet using Wireless and Wired Connection.

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How To Connect Smart TV To Internet:

Connecting your Smart TV with Wifi will disclose an unlimited Worldwide Web for you. It is not a mumbo jumbo process, you just can do it, yourself without taking any technician’s help. There are generally two methods by which you can easily connect your smart TV to an internet connection.

Method # 1- Connecting To Wireless Connection:

Step #1: Open the Main Menu

The first hit to open the main menu sightly varies from device to device. Press the settings or home button on your remote or attempt to locate the nearest estimate.

Step #2: Pick Network Settings

Now, there would be an option with the name “Network Settings” or a settings icon(three vertical dots). Open it for establishing the web connection.

Step #3: Click On Wireless Connection

Click on a wireless connection to set up.

Step #4: Choose Your Desired Web Connection

A list of wifi connections including your home or neighborhood connections will be opened. Select your desired one connection from the list.

Step #5: Enter The Password or Code

The last step is to enter the password to enable the desired connection.

Step #5: Snap OK

Click OK to set up the connection. Some TVs, for instance, set up the connection, but a few power off and connect to WiFi after re-starting. Once your wifi connection is established, you can enjoy Netflix, Hulu or whatever you want.

Method # 2- Connecting To A Wired Connection:

If you find it difficult to set up your home connection, you can set up it directly. Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Locate Ethernet’s Port

There would be an Ethernet port on the backside of your TV, locate it.

Step #2: Plug-In The Cable

From the router, plug in the Ethernet cable into the port.

Step #3: Open the Main Menu

Press the settings or home button on your remote and open the menu.

Step #4: Pick Network Settings

Now, there would be an option with the name”Network Settings” Open it for establishing the wired connection.

Step #5: Select Your Cabled Network

Now enable your wired web, by selecting the option.

Step #6: Type The Password

Enter the password to enable the Ethernet connection. Here you go, it’s done!

Advantages of WiFi Connection And Wired Connection:

WiFi Connection:

  • It is quite simple to establish.
  • You can put or mount your TV anywhere.
  • You don’t have to take care of the wires rushing your room.

Wireless Connection:

  • In credibly faster speeds.
  • Fast Live streaming without any loading and pauses.
  • Straight forward to step up.

Final Words:

If you have recently purchased a Smart TV, we hope this article will help you out greatly. Go smart and enjoy more! Team

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