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How To Clean Roomba Sensors? Fresh Prespective on Cleaning

Are you a working person? Tired of doing all the outdoor work while also cleaning the home? Are you not tired of hiring new servants every month? Are you tired of wasting your own money on maids or servants?

If your answers to all of these questions are yes, then my friend you highly need the cleaning assistance that will help you to do the cleaning but will not charge you that much. New technologies have made our lives very much easier.

New products have been launched which are only for human beings so that their stress level can be low. Just like in the kitchen, many new technological devices are invented for specific work. Like in previous times, people had to grind the things on their own with their hands which was very hectic and difficult.

But now blenders or juicers are invented which make it easier to grind whatever you want. Even in juicers, you can blend the ice.

Also, for cleaning material different mops have been invented some are hand-used and some are electric mops which are very easy to use. Along with these products we also have vacuum cleaners which are used to clean the floor material like carpets, rugs even sofas can be cleaned with vacuum cleaners.

Old models of vacuum were used by humans they have to do the cleaning with the vacuum themselves. It will also need a lot of energy to do even that work.

So, after the invention of vacuum cleaners, scientists invented the machine that would work by itself. You just have to give it a command and it will work on its own. That device is known as the Roomba.


Roomba is the latest model of vacuum cleaner, and it will do all the cleaning that was earlier done by vacuum cleaners. But this device is not workable on the sofas or beds.

They just clean the dust or dirt particles from the floor. Roomba is a robotic device that will only do the stuff that the owner will teach it. As it’s a robotic one it will not do things other than what you have taught them.

Roomba has many sensors which makes all the functions possible, Roomba is working on these sensors but after too much use of Roomba, these sensors will get dust or dirt [article and you have to clean them so that it can work with more effectiveness.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can clean up the sensors of Roomba so that it will do its work more properly.

Roomba- Robotic Device:

It is the latest version of a vacuum cleaner with all the new features. Roomba is a robotic device that was introduced in the market in 2002. All the work of Roomba is done by itself you don’t have to help it. This is a semi-autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner.

Being the robot, it will learn all of your cleaning schedules just like you teach your normal robot. Roomba does not have a mind; it is a machine and will only do the things that are learned.  First, you have to teach your Roomba what is its duty, and what it has to do.

You have to make it learn all the things which it has to clean and the routines from where it can travel. And with time it will learn all the cleaning routines and then do it by itself.

Some models of Roomba can even create their own floor plans after some period of training they can manage by themselves they have to do it first and then the other thing.

Roomba is being used all over the world now. Roomba is being used even for small tasks and also for the cleaning of hotels or full homes but for that, you have to get the latest model of Roomba which will have a long battery timing and will have more features.

How Roomba Works?

at first, all the new models of Roomba just cleaned the floors in random manners, In those models, they did the cleaning without any specific route or manner, and they changed their direction when their sensors detected the obstacle in the coming way.

Those sensors are called the infrared sensors. Those old sensors do not follow the specific order. All the models of Roomba have a specific sensor which is known as the piezoelectric sensor that will send an electric impulse whenever it touches the dirt particle.

If that area is already cleaned or has no dust or dirt then it will just return to other places where it finds the dirt. In this way, these Roombas will not clean the same surface again and again.

  • Using Sensors:

Roomba roam in your whole house just with the help of these sensors. Only the sensors make it possible for Roomba to detect dust or dirt on the floor. On the front side of Roomba, you will see the photocell sensor and the infrared beam.

This infrared beam is used to detect all the dust or dirt particles present in the floor region. Also, these are the sensors that also detect any obstacle coming in the way of Roomba. Whenever the Roomba hits any object the front bumper of the Roomba makes it stop so that it won’t harm the Roomba machine.

How To Clean Sensors:

These sensors are the only things that make it possible for the Roomba to travel from one area to another while avoiding all the obstacles. But with all the cleaning, you know very well that all those dust or dirt particle goes into the machine through its sensors.

This will make the Roomba sensors full of dirt or dust particles. So, it is very important to do the cleaning of those sensors so that it will work properly. So, let’s see how you can clean up those sensors without damaging the robotic device.

First thing first, for cleaning your Roomba you have to make it go back to its dock station and then turn it off. So that you can remove the dustbin and can easily wipe out all the dust particles.

Sensors Used In Robotic Roomba:

Roomba uses a different type of sensors which includes:

  • Cliff sensors
  • IR sensors
  • Optical sensor
  • Wheel sensor

Roomba sensors play a vital role in the proper functioning of Roomba. If you do not regularly clean your Roomba it will affect your Roomba performance and it will lead to erroneous data and roaming around with reduced precision.

So if you want to avoid all of these situations you have to clean your Roomba on a daily basis. So, to clean the Roomba sensors follow these steps carefully:

  • Turn off the Roomba, it is very important because you can clean up the Roomba while it’s turned on. So carefully turn off the Roomba and remove the battery from the device.
  • After removing the battery, you should know where the sensors are located. Mainly all the sensors of Roomba are located either on the bottom of Roomba or around the bumper side of Roomba.
  • You can clean up the Roomba sensors with the use of compressed air, When you buy the Roomba the manufacturer will give you the canister which is a compressed air canister, and will help you to clean your sensors.
  • With the help of that canister blow away all the dust or dirt particles from the sensors with the compressed air.
  • But even after using the compressed air your Roomba sensors are not cleaned yet that might be the reason that the dust or dirt particles might stick to the surface of Roomba.
  • In this condition, you have to use a microfiber cloth to gently clean those dirt particles.
  • Use the lint-free microfiber cloth and wipe the sensors. Make sure that those clothes are moist, but they should not be soaking wet because it will do potential damage to your Roomba sensors.
  • After cleaning the Roomba let it dry and then reinstall the battery of your robotic device. Now turn it on so that you can check that either sensor is doing its function properly now.

Cleaning Charging Contact Of The Roomba:

Not only do the Roomba sensors need cleaning but also the charging contact of Roomba from where you can charge, you’re your Roomba. That charging contact should also be dust-free. Roomba devices have two charging contacts which all should be dust-free.

One charging contact is located at the bottom of the room and the other one is on the charging base; both these charging contacts have two silver contacts each.

To clean the charging contacts of your Roomba, first, you have to turn it over so that you can see the underside of it. The charging contacts are usually on the behind side of brush rolls.

To clean it, use dry cotton or any microfiber cloth to wipe away the silver contacts and remove the dirt or debris from that charging contact. You can also get the help of a cotton swab or a melamine foam sponge.

Other than those charging contacts, go to the charging base site where you will find other charging contacts when you remove the robot. Clean that area just like you have done from the other side of Roomba.

  • Number Of Sensors:

The number of sensors present in any Roomba depends on the model or series of Roomba you have. Most of the robots have several sensors between 4 and 6. so let’s see how many sensors are present in all the series of Roomba:

  1. 500-, 600-, and the e-series Roomba: These Roombas have 4 sensors that are placed evenly along the front from one wheel to the other.
  2. S- Series: These robots have four sensors, two on either side of each wheel.
  3. 700-, 800-, 900-, I- and j- series Roomba: These Roombas have six basic sensors that are distributed along their front, running from just behind one wheel to the other one.

Tips Which You Should Follow For Cleaning:

To keep your room effectively clean. Follow these steps carefully:

  • You should clean your Roomba device every time you use it so that it will be back to its dock station with full cleanliness. And it will also maximize its performance.
  • Every day check your room sensors for any dust or debris mostly if you have pets or high-traffic areas like hotels.
  • Keep the microfiber cloth clean and do the cleaning gently with it. Roomba sensors are delicate and sensitive so clean them with more care. So that it won’t damage your device
  • If you think that you might damage your device while cleaning, then you should hand it over to its manufacturer so that they will clean it properly.


Roombas are the latest model of vacuum cleaners, which are used for cleaning. In modern countries, every house has one or two Roombas for the cleaning of their homes. These Roombas have made our life very easy; you don’t have to do all the work by yourself you can get help from these Roombas.

But for using the Roombas first you have to understand it so that you can use it with more effectiveness. Roombas have many sensors with the help of which roam around your home with more ease.

All the functions performed by the Roombas is done with the help of different sensors like the detection of obstacle done by the infrared sensor.

But when they do the cleaning all the dust or dirt particles get passed through the sensors and some of the debris particles are stuck in the sensors which will also affect the performance of the Roomba.

In this article, we have shared the process by which you can clean up all the debris or dirt from the room without having any issues. So, if you are looking for ways to clean your room sensors then this article will be worth reading for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: How Often We Should Clean Our Room?

Ans: According to the manufacturer, iRobot you should clean your room sensors, and all over at least once a month. Not just the sensors but also the charging contacts should be cleaned once a month.

Q: How Many Sensors Are Available On Roomba:

Ans: Several sensors are available on Roomba depending on the series or model of Roomba you have. all the models of Rooma have different numbers of sensors in them.

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