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How To Connect Romba To WIFI (2024)? An Ultimate Guide

Connect Your Roomba With Wifi- Here’s How To Do!

Who doesn’t want the help or assistance in their work of cleaning?, not even a single person can say that no, I don’t want this help I can do it by myself. Especially when it is about the cleaning of the home. cleaning your home is very tiring work people will get tired by just cleaning one room.

And if you are living in a big home then you need assistance in your cleaning work. In today’s world where everything is so modern that you can’t imagine, people also invented cleaning assistance devices. Among them, the famous one is the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner is not just about floor cleaning you can also do the cleaning of your sofa carpets or everything that comes in this category.

Earlier it was just the one vacuum cleaner that you have to use with your hand. You don’t have to much hard work but still that vacuum cleaner needs outer force which will lead it. However, with the advancement of technology, many new versions of vacuum cleaners have been invented with more advanced specifications.

These vacuums are being used worldwide and also many people like them. All the new versions have the specification in that they don’t need any outer force which will lead them you just have to turn it on and it will start doing its work.

With the new modern features of vacuum cleaners, one of them is the internet connection. You can connect your Wi-Fi connection with your vacuum cleaner and also you can connect your Android or iPhone mobile phone will it and listen to whatever you will play.

Among those modern vacuum cleaners, one is Roomba which we are going to talk about in this article. In this article, we will guide our readers about how they can connect their wifi or mobile phones with the Roomba device and also will give you an introduction to Roomba. So without wasting any further time let’s get started.

Roomba- Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

This robotic vacuum cleaner was first time introduced in the market in 2002. Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that will do all the work by itself. This is a semi-autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner. Being the robot, it will learn all of your cleaning schedules just like you teach your normal robot.

First, you have to teach your Roomba what is its duty, and what it has to do. And with time it will learn all the cleaning routines and then do it by itself. Some models of Roomba can even create their own floor plans after some period of training they can manage by themselves they have to do it first and then the other thing.

As they are machines they don’t have any mind system you have to make them learn or teach them. And as they don’t have a mind then they will just do as you teach them. It’s an automatic conventional cleaner that will clean your home floor by picking up dirt particles with its spinning brushes and a vacuum.

How Can Roomba Learn?

Mainly Roomba vacuum cleaners have infrared sensors that will guide them about the direction, as they will detect any obstacle coming in the way of Roomba and it will tell Roomba to change its direction. Otherwise, the Roomba machine follows a random pattern to clean the whole floor.

Roomba does not follow any specific directions or orders. Roombas have special sensors known as piezoelectric sensors that will send electrical impulses whenever it will touch any dust particles. So it will change its direction when it does not find any amount of dust in a set amount of distance it will return to its dock.

Connect Roomba With Wifi:

There are many models of Roomba which can be connected to the wifi and you can easily control your Roomba device with your smartphone. Connecting to wifi does not mean that it can be connected directly to your wifi device. Roomba will be connected to wifi through your mobile phone.

All the latest models of Roomba come with the connection feature of wifi. You can keep the whole track of your Roomba, what it is doing, where it is and the charging level, everything about that device will be given in front of you on your mobile phone screen. You can also communicate with your Roomba through Siri, Google Home, or Alexa.

Let’s see how you can connect your Roomba with the wifi connection. Follow the following steps to connect your Roomba with your wifi

1. Download The App:

First thing first, you have to download the app on your mobile phone which is named as iRobot HOME. This is the app that will help you to connect your Roomba to your smartphone. This home app is mainly iRobot’s control center which is available for Android or iOS.

This app is for Roomba vacuum cleaners or Braava mops. To download the app, go to the Play Store of your mobile phone and search for the iRobot HOME, and then when you find the app download it to your mobile phone.

After downloading it, you will be asked to create an account for this app, or also you can continue with your Google app along with the account you also have to provide your contact information. if you don’t want to create the account or don’t want to leak your credentials then you can simply use your Roomba without wifi.

2. Add Your Roomba:

The very next step after downloading the app is to add your Roomba device to your iRobot home app. After installing open up the iRobot Home app and you will see the three horizontal lines on the top of the left of your screen. Open up that option and you will see the “ADD YOUR PRODUCT”, select option.

The app will start searching for the nearby available devices but only for the iRobot devices. If you find any error or are unable to detect the Roomba in your app then you can also scan the QR code. Also, you can select your Roomba manually.

Specifically when you choose to add the product, your app will ask you whether it’s the robot vacuum, robot mop, or what device it is. You have to choose the vacuum robot. Also, you have to choose your Roomba product series which can be the S series, J series, I series, or 600 series.

3. Select Wifi Network:

If you don’t know how to set up your Roomba or app you don’t have to worry as that iRobot Home app will guide you completely in step by step manner. Also in this case app will guide you where you can easily find your home dock. After this, your app will ask you which wifi network you want to connect your Roomba with.

If you choose the default option then it will connect your Roomba with the wifi network which is connected to your smartphone. You can also add any other network if you want. To change the network you have to switch to it from your mobile phone’s setting.

Mostly all the Roomba devices work effectively with the 2.4 GHz wifi network instead of 5 GHz networks. And after selecting it, it will ask about your wifi password which you have to enter only that way you can get your Roomba connected to your wifi connection.

4. Activate Your Roomba:

Now it’s the main step where you have to activate or on your Roomba so that it can be connected to your wifi and start doing its duty. On your Roomba, you will see some buttons which are for specific reasons and will perform different functions.

To activate your Roomba, find the “SPOT” which is the crosshairs icon, and the “HOME” button on your Roomba, press or hold those two buttons for at least one to two seconds. You can easily find those buttons on the Roomba device.

After pressing those buttons your Roomba will go into the connection mode and then your Roomba will emit the chime or flashlights which is the indicator ring or the wifi symbol which means that your Roomba is connected to your wifi signal.

Now open up your app and find the option saying, “ I PRESSED THE BUTTON” ” After selecting that your app start connecting with your Roomba and will add it to your Wi-Fi networks. This whole process will be completed in less than 30 seconds.

If you see that your app is not connecting with the Roomba then try again and after some attempts, it will ask you to connect manually your Roomba with the app or wifi network. There are also some models which have automatic activation which means you don’t have to press any button it will activate automatically, these models are j7, j7+, or j7+ combo.

5. Name Your Device:

Last and the final step is naming your Roomba device. You have to select the name for your Roomba which is unique, easy, and also easy to say, as that name will help you to call out your Roomba. If you link your Roomba with Alexa or Google Home you can simply control your Roomba with your voice by calling its name.

If you have many rooms in your home, select the unique names for each one so that they can differentiate whenever you call them. For voice control, it is better to not use the numbers in the name of Roomba.

Solve Connection Errors:

Sometimes it happens that when you try to connect your wifi with your Roomba through your smartphone, it will not work it can be because of many reasons, it can be the defect of Roomba or it can be the wifi connection error.

But there are some ways with the help of which you can solve all of these problems. If you can’t solve the problem then simply you can bring your device to any expert who can check your device and can detect the problem. The following are the solutions:

1. Check Your Connection:

Before going to any other conclusion simply make sure that your wifi connection is stable and is working properly. Also, check if your Roomba is connected to the correct wifi network. If you don’t know about the connection status, you can simply open up your browser and browse any video.

So that you can check the speed of your wifi. Go and check your wifi router, whether it’s on or working properly, make sure that all the lights of the router are blinking properly.

2. Check Your Roomba Power:

You also have to check your Roomba device either it’s on or not. Also, check for its battery level. If your Roomba has on low level of battery percentage then it won’t be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network so first charge it and then connect it to the Wi-Fi network. It will take almost one to two hours to charge completely.

3. Reconnect Your App:

The last option is, to reconnect your Roomba with the iRobot Home app. If you see any error and none of the above solutions is working then you can also disconnect your app with Roomba and then connect it again it will remove your error.

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Roomba is a vacuum cleaner that will help you to clean your home completely. Also, you can control your whole Roomba device only through your voice but for that, it has to be connected with a wifi connection so that you can link it with Alexa or Siri. Connecting your Roomba with wifi is not difficult you just have to follow the simple steps which we have mentioned in this article.

You just have to download an app which is the main control center of Roomba. And then connect your Roomba with that app so that you can connect your Roomba with your wifi network easily. In this article, we have mentioned the whole process through which you can connect your Roomba with your wifi connection.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: How Can I Solve My Wifi Connection Issue If It Is Not Connecting To Roomba?

Ans: Before going to any other conclusion simply make sure that your wifi connection is stable and is working properly. Also, check if your Roomba is connected to the correct wifi network.

If you don’t know about the connection status, you can simply open up your browser and browse any video so that you can check the speed of your wifi. Go and check your wifi router, whether it’s on or working properly, make sure that all the lights of the router are blinking properly.

Q: Can I Use Roomba With My Voice?

Ans: Yes, you can but only if it is connected to the wifi. Then you can link your Roomba with Alexa or Siri and then you can control your Roomba with your voice.

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