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How to Clean The Blender? Easiest Ways To Clean Your Blender

Cleanliness is very important whether it’s about the cleaning of your home, room, or the materials present in your living area. You can’t just live in a place full of mess or everything filled up with dirt or dust particles. Being human, cleanliness is a part of our life.

No one ever wants to see their living area being messed up. Human beings have a nature to see everything clean and settled. Living in clean surroundings does not mean you just have to clean your room or bed, no, it also includes the kitchen area and the things present in the kitchen.

Just imagine how can you eat your meal on a plate full of dirt or any debris. You have to keep all the things neat and clean so that it will look good.

Your house or the cleanliness of your house reflects your personality. As you look around in your home you will see a lot of gadgets or electronic devices like TVs, fridges, blenders, machines, and many others. Those things also need cleaning.

When you use them daily, they get filled up with dirt or dust particles so you have to clean them up so that they will look neat. Also, when electronic devices are filled up with dust or you don’t do the cleaning of them it will affect their performance, they will not give you that much effective output as compared to what was given when it cleaned.

Among all the gadgets or electronic devices in the kitchen juicer or blender is the device that is used almost daily. Now people don’t prefer to grind things by hand, they prefer using blenders so that they will finish up in much less time.

But when you use the blender daily, you also have to clean it up every day, but Cleaning does not mean just washing it up with water. So, in this article, we are going to tell you how you can clean up the mess created in the juicer or blender so you can use it for long periods.

Blender- A Valuable Tool:

If you are a kitchen person, then you should know how much valuable this device is in the kitchen. From just seeing you can say it’s just a blender what can be done with this?

But you don’t know that in today’s world this blender is playing a very significant role. This is a multitalented kitchen tool, with the help of which you can perform many tasks. You can crush the ice cubes and stir many different ingredients in them so that you can create other recipes.

At first, it was just the simple blender that did the work of blending but with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, many new models of blending have been invented with all the new features.

But mainly there are basic three types of blenders. Let’s see what those are:

1. Countertop Blender:

With countertop blenders, you can get a range of even the basic ones and the top advanced models. From the basic ones, you can do many basic needs. these are the basic blenders that can be used to crush ice cubes and to make different types of juices or smoothies.

So, this type of blender is only used for the basic needs of the kitchen. On the other hand, the most advanced level of blenders will be used even for the heating of ingredients, those are the high-powered benders and have the most powerful motors that can even break the toughest ingredients in the kitchen.

2. Personal Blender:

As its name indicates it’s a personal device, which you can use for yourself at a time. It’s a small-scale version of blenders in which you can blend your drink and then just take it away for the go with the same jar in which you have blended it.

Yes, this blender is very flexible it has a cute small jar that you can carry with you without any issue. If you are confused about which blender, you should get it because at the same time, you need a jar to go and also you need a full-sized blender.

In this situation you can get the KitchenAid blender which is like a full-sized blender but with a small jar that you can take on the go. In simple words, you can get the two things in one blender in this model.

3. Immersion Blender:

An immersion blender is a blender in which there is a blade at the center that will be immersed in the ingredients and will blend them with those blades. In an immersion blender, you will see the motor at the end of the blending arm.

Uses Of Blender:

Let’s suppose your doctor told you to drink a lot of fresh fruit juice as compared to eating those fruits. Also, many people are fond of having a good diet that includes fresh juices.

So where do the people will get those diets and fresh juices? At that time, you will need the blender which will help you to get more juice and will blend your two fruits to create a new drink for you.

Let’s see what the uses of blenders are and how we can use these blenders to make our lives easier.

1. Making Puree:

Puree is the mixture of an already cooked meal that is in a solid state, and you blend it to make it more like a liquid-like consistency. Foods that are included in puree are fruits, vegetables, and legumes. When you get it blended it will be like

  • No chewing is required.
  • There will be no chunks.
  • You can drink it easily.

2. Making Milkshake:

  • You can also use the blender to make the milkshake, you don’t have to do much hard work.
  • Just add the ingredients like milk, and cream Also if you like flavors you can add caramels, vanilla, butterscotch, or any other.
  • But in a standard way, you can make the milkshake by just putting the cow milk with the fruits of your choice.
  • The blender will blend them quickly and will give you the milkshake.

3. Making Cocktail:

  • This is another usage of a blender, making the cocktail.
  • The cocktail is a mixture of alcoholic drinks, mainly it’s a mixture of cream, spirits, flavored syrup, and fruit.
  • You can just add all the ingredients to the blender and then turn it on.
  • The blender will blend everything and make your fresh cocktail.

4. Making Smoothies:

  • Smoothie is just like the milkshake but with more consistency or thicker.
  • All the smoothies contain liquid, fruit, or ice cubes.
  • You can simply add up all the ingredients including ice into the blender, and it will bend each and everything.
  • And make you the delicious smoothy with more thickness.

Clean The Blender:

While using any electronic devices, we always forget to clean those devices. Cleaning them is also the part of using them.

You can’t just wash it off and you think that’s all. no, you have to do a thorough cleaning so that it will last longer. If you don’t clean it, the dirt, dust, or debris will stick to the coverings, and it will also damage the device.

Along with damage, the life of your blender will be reduced if you want your blender to stay longer you have to take good care of it.

1. Blender Apart:

The first thing first, you have to do is separate the blender from other parts of the machine. Unplug the blender from the electric socket so that there won’t be any power.

After removing the electric power, remove the blender jar completely from the base of the jar. Keeping an eye on the sharp blades of the base, unscrew the base of the jar.

After doing this remove the gasket seal. The last one is removing the blade, but there are some models of blenders that do not allow to removal of the blade as they are permanently attached.

2. Wash The Jar:

After removing all the parts apart now it’s time to wash all types of debris away from the device. Now wash the jar thoroughly with the help of a sponge. You can use any dish cleaner or just warm soapy water. While cleaning the bottom part of the jar make sure that you don’t touch the blade as it will harm you.

You don’t have to go down with your hand to clean it, simply use any sponge or rag to clean that bottom area. Also, if you have a dishwasher, you can use that, but hand washing is preferable in this case and it’s much faster than a dishwasher.

3. Wash Other Pieces:

After washing the main piece of a blender, you have to clean up all the small pieces like the gasket seal, cutting blade, or base jar. For all these pieces hand wash is the best option.

Also, you can simply soak all those pieces in a large bowl of warm soapy water. Then after some time hand wash them into that solution. Rinse those pieces and then dry them carefully. You can also do a deep cleaning of the blade in the dishwasher, but first, check in the manual whether you can do this or not.

4. Run The Blender:

After washing all the parts of the blender let it dry and then turn it on or run it so that you can also get those sticky, dried, stuck-on food particles on the top.

If still, you feel that there are some particles left then you can add an equal ratio of baking soda and water in the blender and then run it.

After shutting it down dump out the solution, That solution will have all the sticky or leftover particles of food that as left in the jar. Now you can simply wash out all the pieces again.

5. Clean The Jar Base:

After cleaning the upper part of the blender it’s time to clean the base of the blender. First, unplug the blender from the socket. Never immerse the base in the water not even in the dishwasher. You can simply wipe down the blender base with any warm damp cloth.

6. Resemble The Machine:

After doing all the cleaning, you can’t just place or store it like this. You have to assemble it so that you won’t lose any part of the blender. Always try to put your blender in a place where you can access it easily if you use it daily.

Tips To Keep Your Blender Last Longer:

While buying the blender machine you will also get the manual book which will include all the tips and precautions of using that machine. But with those tips, you can also follow these tips to make your device last longer with you.

  • Blender lids have two pieces and many of them come with the lids apart into two pieces. If it has then you can simply separate them and then clean those parts thoroughly.
  • It will also get them stuck on sticky foods.
  • If you have a glass jar or plastic jar, never wash them in the dishwasher as it will make scratches on them. It is easy to simply hand wash them. And also that process is easy and faster.
  • If you have a stubborn odor or food on the blender, you can just clean the blender with the vinegar by filling up the jar with half water and half vinegar.
  • Run the blender for 30 seconds and then simply wash it.

Maintain Your Blender:

You have to be careful with your blender so that you can keep it for a longer time. If you want this then you have to follow the following things to make your bender last longer

  • Blend Only Appropriate Items:

Always blend the items that are suitable for your blender like ice, fruits, vegetables, or food. You can just put a stone or anything hard enough to damage your blades.

  • Cut Larger Pieces Of Food:

While putting the food or fruit in the blender make sure that you cut them into larger pieces and then put them in the blender.

  • Add Water:

Whatever you are blending make sure that you add the appropriate quantity of water in it so that it will mix or blend well.


Blenders the kitchen appliances which are a need in daily life. It was not used that much in past times. But now everything in the kitchen is dependent on the blender whether you are cooking any dish or have to serve fruit juice to the guest.

In all work, you have to use the blender. But in those cases, the leftover pieces will be left in the blender which will make it dirty. So, for that, you have to do a thorough cleaning of your blender so that there will be no leftovers in that machine.

In this article, we have shared all the processes of how you can clean your blender easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: How Many Times Do We Have To Clean Our Blender?

Ans: It all depends on how much you are using it, which items are being blended in it, and how long it is running. These factors will decide how much time you have to clean it thoroughly.

Q: Will Leaving Any Leftovers In It Overnight Will Damage The Machine?

Ans: Not, If after the night you clean it thoroughly then it will not affect it. But if you leave those sticky leftovers in it for a longer time then it might affect the performance of the blender.

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