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How To Create Professional Podcast in 2024 : According To Experts

In the 21st century, people are going to the moon. Everything has evolved to its greatest version. At first, people just do the recording and send or fax it to the people to whom they have sold it. But now with the advancement of technology.

New things are developed one of them is podcasting. Podcasting is the process of recording your voice and then uploading it on the internet. When you get the downloader or listener that podcast host will give you money and you can earn from this. But this podcasting can’t be done by anyone. You have to be professional or at least have passion for it so that you can do it.

For podcasting, you have to be able to talk for hours. You have to engage your audience for the whole time of your podcast. You have to select the topic which will be of interest so that you will be able to talk about it. The podcast is just like talking to your audience or if you have any guests.

You have to make your podcast engaging and interesting only in that way you will get more and more listeners. You have to entertain the audience so that they will become your permanent audience. In this article, we will give you a brief description of how you can create your podcast and what things are required to record your podcast.

Create Your Podcast:

Creating a podcast is not a very difficult thing. You can make your podcast if you have all the things that are required to make a podcast. Let’s see what are things you need to create a podcast:

    •  Topic
    • Recording Equipment
    • Recording Software
    • Podcast Hosting

These are the 4 most important things that are required to complete your podcast. Before starting to record your podcast you need to decide on which topic you are going to talk about.

1. Topic:

This is the very first step in creating your podcast. This is the main thing as it will be the key factor that will get you more and more audience. if you have an interesting topic you will get millions of audience. Also if the audience you are targeting is youth then you should choose the topic which is related to youth.

Which will help you to engage with them. Make a complete plan of how you will introduce your topic and about which factors you are going to talk about. Always choose a topic that is of interest so that you can talk about it all the time without stopping.

When you decide on your topic do some research on it so that you can get a clear picture of it in your mind. If you don’t get any idea about the topic you can get all the ideas from the internet. And then you can easily decide which topic will be best for your podcast to get the attention of people.

Then the very next thing is recording equipment. When you have decided that which topic you are going to discuss in your podcast then start recording it while using the recording gadgets. So let’s see what gadgets which you will use while recording your podcast.

2. Recording Gadgets:

While creating the podcast, you will need some equipment with the help of which you can easily create or record your podcast. This equipment is as important as air for your breathing. If you want to create a professional podcast then you have to work professionally so there won’t be any mistakes that will lead you to failure.

Just like for painting, you need a brush or paper,  while podcasting you will require some important equipment or gadgets that are necessary.

Before starting your podcast make sure that you have all the necessary gadgets which are needed in the process of podcasting.

If you have all the things and with a high level of confidence you can get the attention of millions of people around the world just through your podcast. So let’s see what are those things or gadgets with the help of which you can create your professional podcast.

There are many gadgets available in the market that will help you to do the recording of your podcast but it does not mean that you have to buy all of them.

You can just have those which are necessary for your recording. You will get a variety of headphones with high price tags but you can get the one that will be within your budget.

If you want all the gadgets for your podcasting you can have them but with the time. You can expand your studio with time. First let’s see what the most important equipment for the podcast which are the necessary ones:

    • Computer
    • Microphone

Though these are the two necessities of podcasting still there are other important gadgets that you will need. If you are a newbie in the world of podcasting then these two will be enough for you. But for creating the professional podcast you will need other gadgets also. So let’s get to them also.


First thing first, this is the main gadget of podcasting. You won’t be able to record your podcast or upload or share your podcast if you don’t have a computer or any other recording device.

If you just buy the recording device you have to buy the other device for uploading your podcast or sharing it so why not buy the device in which you will get 2 in 1?

Also if you are creating a professional podcast this gadget is the necessary one. Also, it will last longer with you. If you have a laptop that will be also good. It depends on the person’s choice whether he wants the laptop or the computer as both are good. This is the first thing that you will need for the recording of your podcast.


If you are thinking that you don’t have to buy the microphones as your computer or laptop has the built-in microphones. Then you are wrong.

While creating the professional podcast you will need separate microphones. If you want the easiest way then you can buy the USB microphones. If you are the single people in your studio who will do the podcast then 1 piece of microphone is best but if you have other people then you might need 2 to 3 microphones with XLR output.

Also, select the microphones with more consideration, The First thing that you want is either the dynamic microphone or the condenser one. If you are more than 2 people then the dynamic one will be good.

Audio Interface:

This audio interface will become the connection between your microphone and the computer. The words that you are saying in the mic will be transferred to the computer in the form of digital signals so that you can use them. This interface will convert the analog signals from the mic into digital ones.


Mixer is more like an audio interface but the difference is you can control that recorded voice more as compared to the interface. In the interface, it will just convert it but the mixer will get more control over the level, inputs, outputs, and many more small things in the audio which will make your audio clearer.

Also if you think that you will get the regular guest in your podcast then you can also set up mix- a minus line for your remote guests. It will be more easy for you.

You can get the Mackie ProFX8V2. When you do the podcast in your mic it will be transferred to the computer with the help of an audio interface and the mixer with some changes or clarifications.

Pop Filter:

As you can get the idea from its name it is a filter which will filter your voice and also prevent or minimize the plosives. If you think that you get your better voice without a pop filter try it, Put your hand in front of your mouth and say the word P, you will feel the air on your hand and this is exactly the thing from which we are protecting the mic with the help of this filter.

Also, this air can create a huge fuss in your voice in the mic.


When you use the headphones you will be able to hear your voice first which might be weird for you at first but with time you will get used to it Also it will be helpful for you as you don’t want the situation where you are recording for the whole hour and at the end you get to know that the device is not turned on.

Mic Stand:

If you want the good sound quality of your podcast then you have to put your mic in one place you can’t just take it and walk here and there while podcasting as it will create a disturbance in your voice. So for that, you should have a mic stand on which you can put your mic easily. You can also move your mic to a comfortable position.

3. Recording Software:

Just like a computer or laptop, the software also plays a key role in the whole process of podcasting. You will need software in which you can do the editing and will have other features that are required to make your podcast professional.

Choose your software carefully as it will be used in the editing of your podcast. Get any recording software that is available on the internet but make sure that it has all the features that you will need to make your podcast professional.

This is the software in which you will record your podcast and will do the further editing in your recording. This editing is necessary as you have to cut some points or do some voice changing and add some sound effects. so, for these reasons, you have to choose the best recording software with all the features.

4. Podcast Hosting:

You will get a lot of online options on the internet for podcast hosting. Many sites or websites are available which will host your podcast and you just upload it on those sites.

But the problem arises when you get a lot of listeners or downloads, you become famous and at that time you might face throughput or bandwidth issues, more often when you have sued the cheap shared hosting platform.

If you want the platform without any issues or problems then you can use the dedicated podcast hosting Also you don’t have to face any issues if you become famous or get more listeners. Many dedicated podcast hosts will also provide you with extra features that will bring your podcast to the next level and you will get more audience.

Summary Of Recording Podcast:

  1. Find the topic
  2. Record the podcast using the audio recording software of your choice.
  3. After recording, listen to your recording and then use the audio software so that you can fix all the issues or errors you are having in your audio
  4. Upload your podcast to any podcast host that you have chosen
  5. Use different tools, which are provided by the podcast host. So that you can easily promote your podcast.


The podcast is an audio recording that is used to get the attention of the audience and mainly to entertain them. Many people use podcasting as their way of earning. You can make your podcast and upload it on the internet.

People will hear your podcast and if they like you will get regular listeners and they will also download your podcast in this way you can earn a lot of money. But for that, you have to learn how to create a podcast.

You will need certain important things while creating your podcast and those things will help you to make your podcast more professional. In this article we have shared all the gadgets which is necessary for creating the podcast and also how to create a podcast. If you are having any issues in creating the podcast you will get help from this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: What Software Is Good For Podcast Editing?

Ans: Many software is available for this work and some of them are very good. some best podcast editing software are:

  • Pro tools
  • Adobe audition
  • Audacity

Q: How Can I Make My Podcast More Professional?

Ans: You have to choose a topic which will be interesting and also somehow professional. You have to do the editing which will make your podcast more professional.

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