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How To Send Romba Home (2024)? 3 Best Methods

Send Roomba Back To Its Home – Here Is How To:

Being a working person sometimes it becomes very difficult to do all the cleaning of your home and also manage the other stuff outside your home. Also when you are single or on your own you have to manage everything by yourself. At that time everyone wished that there was some person who could help them with their lots of work.

First scientists discovered the robots that can help people. But for home or office cleaning purposes robots are not a very good option. Then they announced another machine which is known as the Roomba which is the latest version of the vacuum cleaner.

For a vacuum, you have to provide it with some external force which will lead your vacuum but for the Roomba, there is no need for external force or any other thing. Other than switching on the Roomba machine you don’t have to do anything.

Roomba is a conventional robotic machine that will help you to clean your floors, this machine is specific for floors you can’t clean your sofas or carpet, and it won’t work on that. Earlier it was just the one vacuum cleaner that you have to use with your hand.

You don’t have to much hard work but still that vacuum cleaner needs outer force which will lead it. However, with the advancement of technology, many new versions of vacuum cleaners have been invented with more advanced specifications.

These vacuums are being used worldwide and also many people like them. All the new versions have the specification in that they don’t need any outer force which will lead them you just have to turn it on and it will start doing its work.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to send your Roomba home. Home is the place where the base of your Roomba is settled. When you allow it to go to its home it will return to its original place where its base is present so that’s the home of Roomba.


Roomba is a robotic machine or vacuum cleaner that will work under your command. This device was first time introduced in 2022 so according to this it is not a very old one.  Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that will do all the work by itself.

This is a semi-autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner. Being the robot, it will learn all of your cleaning schedules just like you teach your normal robot. First, you have to teach your Roomba what is its duty, and what it has to do. And with time it will learn all the cleaning routines and then do it by itself.

Some models of Roomba can even create their own floor plans after some period of training they can manage by themselves they have to do it first and then the other thing.

This is the robotic vacuum cleaner that is designed to tackle or manage the tough mess created on the floor with its tactics or intelligence. This vacuum robot does not have any brain, it will only do the stuff which you teach it. First, you have to give it classes about how to clean your home and after some time it will learn it and then you just have to turn on its button and it will start doing the cleaning which is taught by you.

As they are machines they don’t have any mind system you have to make them learn or teach them. And as they don’t have a mind then they will just do as you teach them. It’s an automatic conventional cleaner that will clean your home floor by picking up dirt particles with its spinning brushes and a vacuum.

Send Roomba Back To Home:

After the whole working day, the person has to return to their home let’s place. Just like this after the whole working cycle of Roomba, it has to go back to its base or home. There are some ways through which you can send it home.

It is not like after it works it will go back on its no, it will wait there for your command when you call it to go back to the base then it will go it will stay there where it is.  So let’s see what are those ways with the help of which you can do this thing.

You Can Use Various Methods Which Include:

  • Send Roomba home with an app
  • Send Roomba home without an app
  • Send Roomba home using Alexa

Using anyone of these methods first make sure that the base of your Roomba is plugged into the socket so that power will be there. Roomba can only find it when the base is plugged into the socket. This is important as for going back to the dock station, Roomba has to communicate with its dock station so that it can find its location and for that power supply is very important so that the dock station will be on.

When you plug in the dock station make sure that the indicator light is there which will confirm that your home base is receiving a power supply. Those blinking lights will blink every four seconds and then switch off, this means that your Roomba dock station is on.

Let’s look at all the ways that will help send back your Roomba to its dock station.

1. Send Roomba Home Through An App:

This is the very easiest way to send back your Roomba to its home place. if you are using Roomba then you will have the HOME app as this is which will operate your whole device or the functioning of Roomba. If you don’t have the app you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. you have to download the app on your mobile phone which is named as iRobot HOME.

This is the app that will help you to connect your Roomba to your smartphone. This home app is mainly iRobot’s control center which is available for Android or iOS. This app is for Roomba vacuum cleaners or Braava mops.

To download the app, go to the Play Store of your mobile phone and search for the iRobot HOME, and then when you find the app download it to your mobile phone. After downloading it, you will be asked to create an account for this app, or also you can continue with your Google app along with the account you also have to provide your contact information.

if you don’t want to create the account or don’t want to leak your credentials then you can simply use your Roomba without wifi.

After Downloading The App, Follow These Steps To Send It Back To The Dock Station:

  • Launch the iRobot Home app on your mobile phone
  • Find the clean button and press it
  • Then you will see the “SEND HOME” option, select that option.

Even after this if your Roomba is not going back to its dock station then there is a chance that your dock station is not plugged in and Roomba is unable to communicate with the dock station and is unable to find its location.

It’s highly suggested to place the base in a flat area, there should be no obstruction, put it against the wall. According to the people who manufactured this device, you have to leave 1.5 feet of space on the right or left side of the dock station and 4 feet in front of it. Also, place it somewhere far from staircases.

Also, be alert about the wifi connection. Place it somewhere in your home where your wifi has the strongest signals. So that the app will work effectively and you can easily control your Roomba.

2. Send Roomba Home Without App:

The Roomba machine has some buttons on its front side.  Which is for different specific reasons. One is for cleaning purposes, just like this, you will also find the DOCK or HOME button on the Roomba body. Most probably it will be close to the clean, but the position of the dock button varies according to the model of Roomba you have.

  • FOR 500 AND 600 ROOMBA SERIES- If you have the Roomba with model 500 or 600, then the dock or home button will be located at the very center of your Roomba body which is directly below the clean button.
  • FOR 700 AND 800 SERIES- On these models, you will find 4 different buttons below the clean button, so it will be difficult to choose. The leftmost one is the dock button.
  • FOR 900, E, AND I SERIES-  On these models you can easily find the dock button, as on these Roomba you will find the icons on each button for which it is. You will see the small button with the home icon on it.
  • J SERIES- In this series, you will only find one button, for sending your Roomba home, you have to continuously press the CLEAN button for about 3 to 5 seconds. After that, a blue light will ring around that button which will give you the signal that Roomba is now searching for its dock station.
  • S SERIES-  find the dock button on the left of the clean button. also, the dock button has the home icon on it.

3. Send Roomba Home With Alexa:

As you already know you can also connect your device with Alexa or Siri through an internet connection. If you can do this then you can easily control your Roomba robot through these devices and you just have to give it a command.

When you see that your Roomba has finished its cleaning job you can simply order it to go back to its dock station. If you sync your iRobot home app with the Alexa of Amazon you can simply control your Roomba through your voice. Follow these small steps to do so:

  • First, you have to download the iRobot Home app on your Android or iOS.
  • Now from the menu of your app, find “SMART HOME” and click on it
  • Now you will see the “CONNECTED ACCOUNTS AND DEVICES” By selecting this you will see the list of devices that are connected to your Roomba or that app.
  • From there select the “AMAZON ALEXA”
  • After this, your Alexa app will be opened, Tap on the link and you are all set to go.

After doing all these settings, whenever you want to command your Roomba just say something like, “ALEXA, TELL ROOMBA TO GO HOME” OR “Alexa, tell Roomba to do the cleaning”.

Issues Regarding Not Performing According To Command:

Sometimes it happens that due to any reason your Roomba does not respond when you give it a command to go back to its home. There is a chance that your Roomba will find it difficult to find its docking station just because of the obstructions in its way.

Also, the time it will take to go to its docking station will depend on how distance it is. If you have placed its docking station near then it will only take a few seconds to reach its home. Some Roombas will even take 50 to 60 minutes to go back to their docking station.

When you see that your Roomba is not going back to its docking station then it might be because of some specific reasons which are as follows:

  • If the docking station of your Roomba is not plugged in
  • If there is some obstruction in the way of Roomba which is stopping it from going to its docking station
  • Infrared interference, due to which it will be unable to communicate with its docking station and will not be able to find its exact location
  • Dirty charging contacts, When the charging of Roomba or base is low it will also create signal or communication issues between Roomba and the docking station


Roomba is a robotic device that is used to clean your home floor. And Roomba is mainly just for floor cleaning you can clean your bed, sofa, or carpet with Roomba like normal vacuum cleaners. Roomba is a little bit different from the typical vacuum cleaner.

Also, many models are available on Roomba devices. All have different settings. When you reach your Roomba anything and it performs the opposite at some time it means there is some error in its functioning mechanism which you have to check.

When it’s time to sleep for Roomba or it has finished its work then you have to give it a command so that it can go back to its docking station or home. For that, you have to either use your iRobot home app or you can do it manually Also there is a third method which is using Alexa or Siri. In this article, we have mentioned all three methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: How Can I Solve My Wifi Connection Issue If It Is Not Connecting To Roomba?

Ans: Before going to any other conclusion simply make sure that your wifi connection is stable and is working properly. Also, check if your Roomba is connected to the correct wifi network. If you don’t know about the connection status.

You can simply open up your browser and browse any video so that you can check the speed of your wifi. Go and check your wifi router, whether it’s on or working properly, make sure that all the lights of the router are blinking properly.

Q: What Can I Do If Roomba Is Not Going Back To Its Home?

Ans: The first thing that you should check is whether the docking station of your Roomba is connected to the power supply or not.

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