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Reset Your Roomba Vacuum Cleaner For New Home

Reset Roomba Vacuum Cleaner:

In the 21st century, everyone wants to do their work with some assistance especially when it comes to hard work. Ladies in homes usually prefer hiring a maid or any person who can help them in cleaning their homes. They will pay them a huge amount but won’t do their work by themselves.

For those persons, our mindful people have invented the magical machine that will help them in their hard work which specifically should be floor cleaning. Many machines are invented for specific work.

If we search the whole market we can’t find a single machine that can do all the work like floor cleaning, washing clothes, and kitchen utensils. Every work is done by a different machine.

All the machines have their specific work to do. Like Roomba can only clean the floor. None of the other work can be done by the Roomba. Roomba is manufactured specifically for floor cleaning. This device was first time introduced in 2002 which amazed people all over the world.

This device is also good for people specifically men who live alone and don’t want to do the home cleaning or don’t like it. They can just buy that machine and can teach it how to do their home cleaning and then the machine will learn and also create some of its tactics.

Roomba is being used all over the world now. Even people are using it for small room cleaning or in hotels where they have a lot of work to do the cleaning of each room. But sometimes for any reason you have to reset all the settings of your Roomba and many people don’t have any idea about this.

For those people, we have written this article. In this article, we are going to discuss how to reset the Roomba device. All the rooms are not the same but also there is not much difference in their settings. So let’s start our article.


This is the robotic vacuum cleaner that is designed to tackle or manage the tough mess created on the floor with its tactics or intelligence. This vacuum robot does not have any brain, it will only do the stuff that you teach it.

First, you have to give it classes about how to clean your home and after some time it will learn it and then you just have to turn on its button and it will start doing the cleaning which is taught by you.

This amazing machine was first time introduced in September 2002. These robotic machines have several sensors in them which will help them to find their way on the floor. It will do the same work as a normal vacuum cleaner but it does not need any man assistance.

Some models of Roomba can even create their own floor plans after some period of training they can manage by themselves they have to do it first and then the other thing.

As they are machines they don’t have any mind system you have to make them learn or teach them. And as they don’t have a mind then they will just do as you teach them. It’s an automatic conventional cleaner that will clean your home floor by picking up dirt particles with its spinning brushes and a vacuum.

How Can Roomba Learn?

Mainly Roomba vacuum cleaners have infrared sensors that will guide them about the direction, as they will detect any obstacle coming in the way of Roomba and it will tell Roomba to change its direction. Otherwise, the Roomba machine follows a random pattern to clean the whole floor.

Roomba does not follow any specific directions or orders. Roombas have special sensors known as piezoelectric sensors that will send electrical impulses whenever it will touch any dust particles. So it will change its direction when it does not find any amount of dust in a set amount of distance it will return to its dock.

Sometimes it happens that you have to reset your Roomba device it can be because of any reason or you can say many reasons. Most importantly it will start doing any type of error mainly wifi connection error or just doing a different work from what you have taught it.

As we have mentioned above this device does not have its own brain it will just remember or learn what you will teach it so if it’s doing other stuff or doing it in a wrong way then it can be because of any error in its working. And for that, you have to reset or reboot the whole device.

But do remember that after resetting you have to teach your device all over again. Or it can be a situation like you want to sell out your Roomba and for that, you have to remove all your settings from it so for that you have to reset your Roomba device. So let’s see how you can reset your Roomba device.

How To Reset Roomba?

Factory reset and reboot are totally different things. There are some reasons why you just have to do the reboot and for some reasons, you have to do the total factory reset. If you are doing the reboot it means you are just forcing the robot to close and also the smartphone app.

If you are facing any issues just do the reboot it will turn off your both smartphone app and the robotic vacuum cleaner and if that reboot does not work then you can go for the factory reset.

Things You Should Remember:

Before resetting or rebooting your device there are some important points that you have to remember.

l If you are thinking of doing the factory reset, then do it from the iRobot Home app on your smartphone. Just go to the settings > remove/ factory reset and it will show you the name of your Roomba Select that device and the factory reset will begin

l But before doing factory reset don’t forget to try the reboot option. If it does not work then go for the last option which is the factory reset

l For rebooting your Roomba just hold the “CLEAN” button or the “ HOME” button along with the “SPOT CLEAN” button. All at the same time.

1. Rebooting The Roomba:

There are different models of Roomba and each with different settings. And for different settings, there are different ways to reboot each model. So let’s see how you can simply reboot each model of Roomba.

2. S, I, J, And E Series Of Roomba:

The series S, J, I, and E have the same settings due to which you can simply reboot these devices with the same process. Push and hold down the “CLEAN” button just for 20 seconds. If you have the I series, then your Roomba will play the musical tone once it’s complete.

And if you have the S series, you will see the ring of light around the bin lid swirl white and then stop, it will take a maximum of 90 seconds for the whole process of rebooting to be finished.

When the rebooting process is finished, in the I and J series, all the lights which are the indicator will turn off immediately

3. 500, 600,800, And 900 Series:

And then for these models, all the settings are the same and you will have to perform the same process for the rebooting. Press and hold the “HOME” button and the “SPOT CLEAN” button both at the same time.

Keep holding or pushing these two buttons until you hear the beep from the Roomba that will indicate to you that the Roomba reboot process is completed. Approximately this will take almost 10 to 20 seconds but this time also depends on the model of Roomba you have.

If you have the Roomba model 900 series, you won’t get the beep once you have rebooted it. Instead of this, all the LED lights of Roomba will light up.

And for the 600 series of Roomba which has the green dot on the underside of the bin, remove its battery and let it be for about 30 seconds. Then reinstall the battery, it will give you the signal that your reboot is completed.

How To Factory Reset Roomba:

Let’s see how to reset Roomba model-wise.

1. Roomba 500:

For the Roomba 500 series, you can reset the resetting of Roomba by pressing or holding the buttons on the Roomba which are the “SPOT” and the “ DOCK” buttons. You have to hold these buttons for about 15 seconds and then your resting will be done. The main thing which you have to keep in mind is that your Roomba is receiving electric power and also the wifi network at that time.

2. Roomba 600 Series, 670, 671,675 And 690 Models:

For resetting the models or series of 600 of iRobot Roomba, all you have to do is, find the buttons under the clean button which are the “spot” and “dock” buttons, hold these two buttons for almost 10 seconds and after that, the LED lights on your Roomba will light.

Along with the indicators of LED, you will also hear the beep sound. This sound will tell you that you have resettled your Roomba to its factory default settings.

3. Roomba 614 Series:

To reset your Roomba device of the 614 series, you have to follow the same steps, press and hold the “dock” and “spot” buttons for about ten seconds when you hear the beep from your Roomba vacuum cleaner, and after that release those buttons. After releasing the whole reset process will be completed.

4. Roomba 700 Series:

In Roomba with series 700, some settings are different and for resetting your 700 series Roomba device what you have to do is find the “CLEAN” button. This clean button is the main button. Press and hold that button for about ten seconds and then you will hear the beep sound. This beep sound is the signal that your Roomba 700 series has been resettled.

5. Roomba E5 And E6

For the device Roomba E5, you just have to press and hold the buttons which are “DOCK, SPOT CLEAN, AND CLEAN”. you have to press and hold these buttons together. When you see the LED light of Roomba E5 illuminating, release the buttons but not before that light. Those lights are the indicator that your Roomba device is resettled to its factory default settings.

For the device Roomba E6, you have to find the two buttons which are “HOME AND SPOT CLEAN”. press and hold these two buttons and then you will see the beep sound and then you have to release the buttons and then your Roomba device will be settled to its factory default settings.

6. Roomba J7 And J7+ , And I Models:

The main difference between the resetting process of the Roomba I series and the j series is, that in the J series you have to press the “CLEAN” button for almost ten minutes. This will rest your Roomba J series model but then you have to turn it on after two minutes.

But in the I series, all you have to do is, press and hold the button “clean” which is available in the vacuum. You have to hold this button for about 29 seconds and then let the device turn off this will make the LED light glow or flash round in a clockwise manner. This will be the indication that the device is resettled to its factory default settings.

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Roomba is a robotic device that is basically used to clean your home floor. Roomba is mainly just for floor cleaning you can clean your bed, sofa, or carpet with Roomba like normal vacuum cleaners. Roomba is a little bit different from the typical vacuum cleaner.

Also, many models are available on Roomba devices. All have different settings. When you reach your Roomba anything and it performs the opposite at some time it means there is some error in its functioning mechanism which you have to check. The first thing you can do is reboot the device.

If that does not work then you can simply do the factory rest this will make your device a new one and after that, you have to teach your device all over again. In this article, we have shared all how you can simply reboot or reset your Roomba device whatever the series of Roomba.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: How Can I Solve My Wi-Fi Connection Issue If It Is Not Connecting To Roomba?

Ans: Before going to any other conclusion simply make sure that your wifi connection is stable and is working properly. Also, check if your Roomba is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t know about the connection status, you can simply open up your browser and browse any video so that you can check the speed of your wifi. Go and check your wifi router, whether it’s on or working properly, Make sure that all the lights of the router are blinking properly.

Q: Can I Use Roomba With My Voice?

Ans: Yes, you can but only if it is connected to the wifi. Then you can link your Roomba with Alexa or Siri and then you can control your Roomba with your voice.

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