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Best Ways To Data Transferring From One Phone To Another In 2024

Data Transferring From One Phone To Another:

Veering to something is always very thrilling. Some people have the habit of buying the new model as soon as they have been launched in the market. Shifting to the newest model or something new is not a bad thing as the new model comes with many new or stirring features which will be fun for the users even for the people who are very keen on mobile phones. Mobile phones are the need of today’s world. We can say that people can’t survive in this century without this technology.

A mobile phone is a device about which everyone is very conscious because of many reasons mainly it contains the personal stuff of the user. Mobile devices us a very personal thing that sometimes you can’t share with anyone. It holds your pictures, contacts, and much more memories. Some people don’t even leave it away even in hard times like having dinner or anything.

Though it’s one of the best devices but still there can be many reasons behind switching to another mobile phone. Or it can be just because a new model has come to the market and you want to try it.

Whatever the reason behind changing your phone is. All you want is your whole data of the existing phone to be present in a new phone. Before some time it was not possible to transfer your whole data into your new phone but with the advancement of technology now its very possible to transfer data from one phone to another whether it’s an Android device or the iPhone.

In this article, we are going to share how to transfer your whole data from one mobile phone to another without any worries. So without wasting any further time let’s get started

Mobile Phone – Portable Telephone:

Mobile phones are small portable radiotelephones. A mobile phone is a device that uses a radio frequency link to make calls and receive calls, but the main important thing is user should be within the service area to get the phone to work properly. This radio frequency link forms a specific connection to the switching system of the phone operator, which provides access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

As time passes, in mobile phone advancement many new phones invented which also has a feature of SMS, MMS, internet, and email. You can also do photography of high quality and gaming on new phones.

There are two types of phones one of that are very simple one which only has specific basic functions like attending a call or dialing a call these are known as FEATURE PHONES. And phones which provide advanced features like access to the internet, SMS, and MMS are known as SMART PHONE.

Cellular networks of cell sites are scattered in whole cities or countries which are then connected to each mobile phone. These cell sites have specific base transceiver stations which communicate with the phones available in their range. When you are using headphones, it will transmit radio waves in all directions and then connect with the nearest cell site’s base station. Headphones also work in the same way as mobile phones.

After receiving the signals base station sends the radio waves to the mobile switching center (MSC) which serves as a router and connects mobile phones to the PSTN. When you are mobile says no service that means your mobile is out of range of any cell sites.

Mobile Phone Features:

When we say mobile phones it means the smart phones, the phones which we are using nowadays with modern technology. These smartphones have many features but some of them are

  • Camera:

Smartphones have amazing camera results. if we talk about the iPhone so the iPhone’s camera gives the effect of a DSLR camera.

  • Display:

The display is the screen mobile has. smartphones have big screens as compared to feature phones. They also don’t have a keypad separately, these phones have a keypad in their screen with touch.

  • Touch Screen:

this is the most amazing and different feature of a smartphone which is the touch screen. You have to operate the mobile phone without touching the screen of the mobile.

  • Operating System:

This is the main software that runs on mobile phones just like Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Mobile phones have many more features like battery timing, processor, storage, ram which is totally different from the feature phone. You can buy a mobile phone with the features of your choice.

Different Types Of Mobile Phones:

There are different types of mobile phones available in the market which we are going to discuss:

Feature Phone:

Primary phones are known as feature phones and they have the basic features in them like calls and messages. These phones are the first ones which are invented. They also have a calculator, alarm clock, and some other simple basic ones.


Smartphones are the most advanced phones available in the market and have the most advanced and amazing features in it just as internet, Bluetooth, MMS, and email. Smartphones also allow you to do photography and also many other things like downloading apps, and games for entertainment purposes.

Connected Car:

These are simple cars that have internet access in them and you can use the internet in this type of car and also the hand-free call, listen to music and online streaming, navigation, and many more.

Transfer Mobile Data To Another:

Transferring data is very important if you are selling your phone or switching your phone with another. If you are selling it and not taking any other mobile phone then it will be good if you just delete the data or can save it somewhere save. Let’s see in this article how to transfer your mobile data from one mobile phone to another.

1. Back Up

First and the most essential step is backing up your mobile phone. Backing up is not important only in the case of transferring data. You have to do the backup all the time as if your mobile phone gets snatched or lost you can get your mobile data easily only if it has some backup otherwise you will not get your mobile data ever. Though you can transfer your data without doing a backup. It’s a good habit to always have a backup of your mobile data. Just in case.

Let’s see how you can do the mobile backup

  • Go to the setting app of your mobile phone and scroll down until you find the option saying “ SYSTEM”
  • When you open the system option you will see the option of “BACKUP”. From where you can create the backup of your mobile data
  • If you have never done this before, you have to turn on the backup option given with all the folders. Just select those which you want to back up
  • Also, it will tell you how much space you have or how much backup you can do without any worries
  • Just press the “BACKUP NOW “ button if you haven’t backed up in the last 2-3 days. It will create a new backup for you
  • It will then ask you for the password of your mobile phone. Once you provide this your mobile data backup will start.

2. Back Up Photos Or Videos

Even if you have created a backup of your mobile phone still you have to create a backup of the photos or videos which you have captured on your mobile phone. So that you can transfer your data easily to another mobile phone. Let’s get started

  • Open up the Google Backup Page and go to the Photos & Videos
  • now toggle the Backup &Sync switch to see what Google account from which you can select for the backup of your photos or videos
  • You can also see the storage of each account it will help you to decide which account will be beneficial for your backup
  • Once you have opened the Google account now select the photo size option which you want for your photos
  • After selecting the done your process will end and your photos or videos will be back up to your Google account

3. Shifting Data With USB Cable

There are two ways through which you can transfer your data to another way. One includes the use of USB and the other one is without USB. Let’s see the transfer of data with a USB

  • First, you should have a USB cable that will easily fit your both mobile phones
  • On your new mobile phone when you open it it will give you the option of NEXT or it can GET STARTED button. Select the option and it will bring you to the homepage of your mobile phone.
  • First, it will ask you to complete some of the essential processes like selecting the language, inserting the SIM card, and also connecting to a WIFI network.
  • Inserting SIM is optional but for restoring your phone you need a WIFI.
  • So after selecting it, you will be on the page where it will ask you to “COPY YOUR APP & DATA”.
  • Select the next option and make sure that your old phone is near you and also connected to the USB cable.
  • Now connect both devices with the USB cable and choose the option NEXT.
  • On your old mobile phone you will be asked if you want to copy your data so confirm that by selecting “COPY”.
  • Own on your new phone it will ask you for some verification of your Google account to see the list of files you can transfer also with each size.
  • You can select from that list what you want to copy or you can simply select everything and tap copy.

Now your phone will start copying your whole data from the old mobile phone. It will be done in almost 10 minutes or depending on the number of files you copy to your mobile phone. After completion of the whole process, you will get the prompt to hit the DONE option. And then disconnect your both mobile phones from the USB cable

4. Moving Data Without USB:

  • If you have a USB cable but it doesn’t fit one of the two mobile phones then don’t panic. You can also transfer your mobile data without any USB cable.
  • It will ask you whether you have the USB cable or not. You will find this option at the bottom of your first page of the process
  • Select the NO CABLE option
  • It will give you the suggestion to use the cable for transferring data you can simply skip that notification. Or select the continue option
  • Use the old phone and open up the GOOGLE APP. You only have to do this if you don’t get the notification for the setup process
  • On the Google app type “set up my device”
  • It will ask you for some verification so that it can be confirmed. After the confirmation select the NEXT option
  • Select the COPY option on your old mobile phone and verify yourself to begin the process
  • At this point, you can select the files you want to copy from your old mobile phone to the new one. And at the end after selecting hit the COPY button so that process can begin

That’s it your whole data is transferred from your old mobile phone to the new one without any hindrance or even without any USB cable.

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Changing your mobile phone or getting the new one is very normal. Anything can happen and you have to change your mobile phone. But the problem arises with the transfer of data from the old mobile phone to the new one. But now you don’t have to worry about anything.

In this article, we have explained in detail how to transfer the data from your old device to the new one. There are two methods mainly one with the use of USB cable and the other one the without any USB cable. You can do any one of your choices and get all the data from your old mobile phone into eh new one.

We hope you get a good understanding of Data Transferring From One Phone To Another. Try these techniques and Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: How Can I Transfer My Data From Iphone To Android Device?

Ans: Follow these steps to transfer your data from iPhone to Android:

  • l Turn on the new Android device
  • Then, l It will show you the prompt on the screen. Follow that prompt to transfer your iPhone data to Android
  • l Also you can use your old iPhone cable, but if you don’t have one you can o this wirelessly

Q: How Long Does It Take To Transfer The Data From One Mobile Phone To Another?

Ans: The time taken by the files to transfer from one mobile phone to another totally depends on the number and size of files that are being transferred. If 2 or 3 files are being transferred it will take only 1-2 minutes. But if you have a variety of files to transfer it will take longer.

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